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The movie Johnny Keep Walking!


看了电影《年会不能停》,英语名为 “Johnny Keep Walking”。

这个英文名有点文不对题,如果是自己直译,估计就是 “Annual meeting should not be stopped”。



I have just watched a comedy movie “Annual meeting should not be stopped” recently.

I like this funny and impressive story, so I want to try my best to share it to you.

At first, I want to explain what is the “annual meeting”. Annual meeting is a large meeting in a company which will invite all the employees to join. There is going to afford a lot of delicious food, some funny games and art shows. They are going to sing and dance together. They are also going to get a red envelope which may be much money. Not matter it’s a big or small company in China, there is always an annual meeting before or after the Spring Festival.

The story starts from about thirty years ago. There was a small factory in a small town and its product was meachinal parts. Even though it was a so small factory, the boss decided to hold an annual meeting in that cold winter. The annual meeting was holding in their factory directly. The electric light was breaking while they were eating hot pot in the annual meeting. So the boss said “Anyone can fix the light issue? The annual meeting should not be stopped.” And the man HuJianLin who is the main actor in this movie stood out to fix the light problem.

Thirty years later, this factory became a large group in a big city. But the man Hujianlin and his family still worked as a basic's worker in the small factory of the small town. His wife always complained it. They also want to be moved to the new modern factory in the big city. Every year's annual meeting, Hujianlin always sent a request form to the HR, that's because he wanted to join the show activity. He loved this job and this company so much.

One day, there was a job appointment from the parent company suddenly. Hujianlin has got a new job in the parent company. He thought it was because he worked so hard that the group wanted to let him as a sign for working hard will get good reward. But the truth was that the HR made a mistake. There was also a sell worker named John who has given 300 thousand yuan money to let a wicked manager move him to the parent department. But the HR's direct leader moved the wrong person after drunk, and the HR followed his command without double check.

After Hujianlin moved to the parent department, the HR and other colleagues thought he might be the boss's relative, and that's the root reason why he could be moved to there from a small town's factory. So they welcomed him pretty good and carefully.

Hujianlin has got a new English name Johney, which is sounds like John. So the wicked manager thought he has finished the deal with John who was the real person that need to be redeployed.

Even though the HR has found this mistake by himeself, but he was so afraid of the punish. Whereupon he didn't let anyone know this news. At that time, the group was going to fire more than 1,000 employees. If the manager knew that the HR made such a foolish mistake, then the HR would be the first one who will be fired.

Johney was happy to take over the task for firing employees. At the same, he also made a team to join the annual meeting's show. That uncarefull HR, an intern girl and himself in the small activity team. While taking communication with an technology employee, Johney makde a hugh mistake. He should 10% salary as extra indemnity to fire that employee, but he added 10% salary for that employee as a reward. That's because he thought he was called to improve the relationship with employees, not fire them. But the resolution drived by misunderstood got a good result. All the workers believe that work hard will get good reward, so they do not want to battle with the company again.

Soon, the wicked manager knew that Johney was not the real deal person, he is Joney, not John. But the selfish manager was also afraid of anyone knew the deal between them. So the manager told Johney to never mind and to learn to be a bad leader. The secret of being a leader is to avoid any responsible. If you always let your underlings to guess your decision, and you never made decisions by yourself, thus you would never need to take the responsible for any bad result.

There was a bad guy named Xu in the group who planed to fire all the 300 workers in the small town's factory. Because that can break the big boss's prestige, so the bad guy Xu maybe take over the leader position from the big boss. The big boss was too old and the bad guy Xu has already prepared engough to do this type bad thing.

At last, Johney found out and published the wicked plan of Xu during the annual meeting. As the final result, the big boss promised to keep all the workers's job in the company and will give good benefits to them.

This movie used an absurd and funny story to show us that there were so many weired behave or regulations in the company, and we are suffering in this environemnt day and day.

We should not always impair good or hard worker's benifit, not only protect them but also give them more opportunities.

That will make the company great again. Together, we can go far away!


  • 年会: Annual meeting
  • 喜剧: Comedy
  • 机械零部件:Mechanical parts
  • 总部: headquarters, the parent company, the parent department
  • 调动: redeployment, redeployed, transfer
  • 实习生:intern
  • 工资:salary
  • 赔偿:indemnity
  • 下属:underlings
  • 威信: prestige
  • 福利:benefits,welfare
  • 荒诞:absurd
  • 损害:impair
  • 惩罚:punish