The Christmas Eve

Christmas Day is a famous festival in western countries, such as England, America, France, Germany, and so on. On Christmas Eve, they will get together with their family and celebrate the happiest moment.

In China, we might learn about this festival from the English book at school. But we have developed a special gift for Christmas Eve in China: send the others an apple, because apple’s pronunciation in Chinese starts with the letters "Ping." That’s the same with security or health’s pronunciation in Chinese. So if you send the others an apple, that means you have wished your friend to keep healthy or have good luck. I remembered that we sent each other apples on Christmas Eve in college.

But I have never celebrated Christmas with my family. Because it’s a western’s religion festival and everyone was almost atheists in my family. But something has changed since I had my child. He went surfing on the internet and got some articles or videos related to Christmas. He stated that Santa Claus did not exist. All right, we all knew that. But we want to help him keep his imagination, so we decided to buy a Christmas tree and let him know what Christmas Eve is.

We really bought a Christmas tree. We began to decorate it, and we completed it soon. There seems to be something strange. We looked at the Christmas tree from the left and from the right again and again. Why was our tree so thin? It’s not like the Christmas tree that we have watched on the internet. And then we searched for a video about how to decorate a Christmas tree. Can you guess what’s the reason? That’s because we haven’t extended the branches of the tree. That was really funny, and we all laughed loudly.

We extended the branches and decorated it again. We wrote several wish cards with our best wishes on them. And then we turned off the light in the living room and turned on the little light on the tree. It’s a string of little lights that looked like stars. My child was so happy and said that he wished Antarctica would never be polluted.

It’s time to go to bed. My child was getting into bed, and I suddenly turned off the bedroom’s light. There was a portable windbreak lamp on my hand.

I said it slowly. “I am Santa Claus, and I am going to ask your wishes."

My child was laughing and said, “I want to always be a child, and I can live forever."

I asked again, “Why do you want to be a child forever?”

My child gave me a surprised answer: “Because if I am always a child, then you will not be old.”

I said, “Oh, Santa Claus will give you another chance to repeat your wish; you can still grow as a real man, but just make a wish again that you and your parents will all live forever.”

The boy repeated his wish while laughing, and then he fell asleep soon. I think he already had a great time on Christmas Eve and will have a sweet dream.

I hope all the wishes of my son will become reality.