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Dandelion And His Lute


Dandelion1 was a poet2, minstrel3, bard4, and close friend of Geralt of Rivia.

He was born in 1229 and with blood color hair in the books but brown hair in the games.

He was good at singing, playing lute5 and writing poetry6 and prose7.

There were plenty of lovers of this funny poet.

However, he didn't get into poetry until he was 19.

It was about 1240s, Dandelion met Geralt in the town of Gulet and became best friend.

Dandelion always asks Geralt this difficult question that either Yennefer or Triss was the best girl.

Geralt may be said that neither Yennefer nor Triss, but Ciri.

Dandelion's Lute is a secondary8 quest9 in Chapter III of The Witcher.

Dandelion has planed a concert10 but left his lute in the bedroom of a young 'music student' of his and needs Geralt's help to retrieve11 it.

There is a video of Danelion playing the lute:

There are also some resources about him and his lute:

As a friend of Geralt, it seems that Dandelion was not a useful guy.

He always made trouble and kept nagging12.

But that's really the meaning of friendship, because they were so happy together.

They wished their friends had a good life and found a lover indeed; that doesn't matter if they look good, brave, or rich.

If there is a person who is always having a good time with you, then you are absolutely friends.

Take care of your friend, not just depend on them.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.


  1. Dandelion, 丹德里恩、蒲公英 

  2. poet, 诗人 

  3. minstrel, /ˈminstr(ə)l/, 吟游诗人 

  4. bard, /bärd/, 吟 游 诗人 

  5. lute, 鲁特琴、琵琶 

  6. poetry, 诗 

  7. prose, 散文 

  8. secondary, 次要的 

  9. quest, 任务 

  10. concert, 音乐会 

  11. retrieve, /rəˈtrēv/, 取回 

  12. nagging, /ˈnaɡiNG/, 唠唠叨叨