The Rabbit Forgot Something

I have just read a book with a lot of little stories, and I am going to repeat them by myself now.

The Rabbit Forgot Something is a story about a rabbit who always speaks with a low voice.

A long time ago, there was an elder rabbit sleeping under a tree to relax.

It's a hot summer, and the rabbit was tired.

After a while, there was a goose who was riding a fox cart, and the red fox walked slowly.

The rabbit was saying something with a low voice, so the goose couldn't hear him.

"What are you saying?" the goose asked.

"Nothing. I haven't said anything," the rabbit answered.

"Come on. You just said something."

"OK, I was wondering if I could get in your fox cart."

Then the rabbit got in the goose's fox cart.

After a while, the rabbit said something with a low voice again.

"Did you say something again?"


"Just say it out; what's the issue?"

"Your cart is not very soft and is bumping my tail," the rabbit said at the backend of the goose.

"You can put your coat under your butt, I think."

Then the rabbit put his coat under his buttocks, and they kept going.

They were crossing a yellow cornyard when the rabbit said something with a low voice.

"Hey, man, what are you saying now? If you want to say something, please say it loud." The goose seems angry.

"You have blocked the scenery; I can't see anything."

"But a goose should always be wide, and I am in front of you; you shouldn't see anything from the front. That makes sense."

"That's all right," the rabbit said to himself.

And then there was a bad road; the rabbit kept saying something with a low voice.

"Come on, man, why are you always saying something with a low voice?" The goose was really angry.

"The road is bad, and the cart is shaking my tail hard; it's not very comfortable."

"So, you can go out now!" The goose said.


"You always kept saying something with a low voice; you complained that the cart wasn't soft, the cart was slow, and you couldn't see anything. So go out, please."

The rabbit got out of the cart and walked in the hot sun.

As the cart was slowly moving, the goose and the rabbit almost went side by side under the hot sun.

The rabbit said something again, but it's with a low voice too.

"If you want to say something, keep in mind: don't use a low voice."

"Can I get in your fox cart? Even if it's slowly and uncomfortable."

Finally, the rabbit got in the cart again.

"Thank you," the rabbit said with a low voice.

"I understood you this time, then I will say, 'Your are welcome'", the goose laughed out loud.

In this story, we learned that we should be polite while the others helped us.

And keep in mind: always speak loudly.

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