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The Snow Poem and the Author's Story

This is a traditional Chinese poem written by the famous Chinese poet “郁达夫” on February 12th, 1919, while living in Japan.


一九一九年二月十二日 日本


It’s a poem about snow, and I am going to translate it into English now.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

An American children's song is called Mary Had a Little Lamb1.

It was written by American author Sarah Josepha Hale and first appeared in Poems for Our Children on May 30, 1830.

The Princess Who Could Not Cry

Once upon a time, there was a princess 1 who couldn't cry, and she always kept laughing. The king and the queen were very worried about their daughter. It's all right if she just keeps feeling happy, but it'll be a problem if she always keeps laughing at others.

They found an animal fairy 2 to get an idea of how to save the princess. The queer3 fairy said, "If you can make the princess cry once, then she'll be normal," so the king made a promise that if anyone could make the princess cry without hurting her, then the one would get a bag of gold as a reward4.

The Rabbit Forgot Something

I have just read a book with a lot of little stories, and I am going to repeat them by myself now.

The Rabbit Forgot Something is a story about a rabbit who always speaks with a low voice.

存疑: butt、bank这两个单词想到的


想起自己是初一开始学的英语,那时候也热情高涨,见人互相叫“how do you do”,但既忽略了发音,也没关心语法,就是死记硬背几个单词,一切都是书面上的知识,离自己的生活太远。




日语里的小, 即: 日文输入法(JP),あ模式下,键入LTU即可打出。L是小写的意思;TU就是




名词 は 名词 です



李さん は 中国人(ちゆうごくじん) です。(李先生是中国人。)
わたし は 日本人(にほんじん)   です。(我是日本人。)
わたし は 王(おう)         です。(我姓王。)